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Since 1975, EDIC has been dedicated to engineering the highest quality and most professional cleaning machines in the industry, whether you plan to clean carpet, tile or grout
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How EDIC Commercial Cleaning Machines
Clean Thoroughly & Save You Time

Being efficient is VERY Important,
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Whether you are cleaning a hut or a million dollar mansion, would it be nice not to worry about refilling the tank every so often? We think so! With our machines, it’s so rare that you’d have to refill a tank, which means you clean faster without compromising quality.


The polyethylene body of our units are covered by a lifetime warranty. Plus, EDIC offers a 5-year warranty for parts and labor, which means you are saving money long term. Talk about a GREAT deal!

Made in the USA

We’ve got your back; you can count on our excellent customer support and service! EDIC has a team all across the US, who are ready to help you when any questions arise.


You’ll never have to deal with out-of-state support centers with limited hours of availability, long shipping times, etc.

to use
Great for large buildings
Manufacturer’s warranty for all products
in USA
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American Extractors is the #1 Distributor For EDIC MACHINES

Proudly Serving The Cleaning Industry Since 1998.

EDIC professional cleaning equipment are the best in the industry and can only be purchased through a distributor. Our focus has always been to provide affordable, durable and professional cleaning equipment and tools for cleaning businesses, while providing friendly and supportive customer service.
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On Top of That

To better serve our customers, we took an extra step here at American Extractor and designed exclusive accessories to be used with the EDIC products, which our customers love.
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On Top of That

To better serve our customers, we took an extra step here at American Extractor and designed exclusive accessories to be used with the EDIC products, which our customers love.

Check out Some of Our Best-Selling Packages

To make it even greater for our customers we’ve put together great packages that have everything you need depending on the industry you work at

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With professional cleaning equipment from American Extractors,
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"They were just want I Ordered and they came fast ,I was able to get my job done 👍"
By Amazon Customer
on December 4, 2021.
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"great product!"
By Joseph R.
on October 24, 2021.
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"It’s fits perfect on my carpet cleaning wand"
By Maria Garcia
on January 5, 2022.
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"very good quality"
By Phatfill
on August 29, 2021.
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"Item as described. Would order from again"
By Amazon Customer
on August 26, 2021.
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"Fast shipping uses UPS which has major disappointments due to package handling. Item arrived with one end of box open and the item busted through the other end"
By Glen E Thomas
on December 18, 2021.
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"There was an error made in the process of the fulfillment of this order and American Extractors did what they could to make it right. I would recommend them, for sure"
on February 22, 2022.
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"The experience with this company was above and beyond awesome. They contacted us multiple times to help make a non-standard equipment connection work. They were relentlessly helpful and came up with a solution and then guided us through it. Absolutely outstanding!"
By Patrick B
on January 6, 2022.
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"It may not fit your wand perfectly or at all to start but it's easy to trim plastic with a razor knife. Just trim for the right fit. I've used it on a few jobs already and like it so far."
By Kyle Barnhart
on December 12, 2021.
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"Great product makes it easy so I don't have to worry about scratching hardwood floors”"
By Amazon Customer
on September 11, 2021.
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"It was a pleasure to do business with this seller"
By Paul Kleinsasser
on August 31, 2021.
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"Great price and fast shipping. Thanks!"
By KyHermit
on January 16, 2022.
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"Not quite what I was needing contacted the seller. And they allowed me to cancel without any problem"
By doug schbass
on November 30, 2021.
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"Fast shipping, cheaper than any carpet cleaning supply"
By Leki Vicuna
on October 3, 2021.
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To perform a truly deep clean that every carpet needs once in a while it is recommended by both carpet manufacturers and carpet-care experts that carpet extractors should be used. Carpet extractors offer a fantastic method of stain removal for a variety of different environments and carpet surfaces, and at Clean Sweep UK we have a range of fantastic carpet extractor hire options. But do you know exactly how carpet extractors work? What are the different varieties available? And why carpet extractors are so useful for commercial cleaning? Let us illuminate you with a brief summary of all the how’s, why’s and where’s you need to know with regards to carpet extraction technology.
A carpet extractor uses a wand-like device to direct cleaning solution down towards the very base of your carpet. By targeting the lower reaches of your carpet you can more effectively attack deposits of grime and soiling that would otherwise remain untouched by typical vacuum washers. The extractor then removes this mixture of cleaning solution, dirt and water with a vacuum, allowing your carpeted surface to dry significantly faster than after most deep-cleaning procedures.
Home carpet cleaning machines available for rent or purchase to consumers do not reach temperatures nearly high enough to sanitize carpets. Heat is required to activate the cleaning agents in the detergent — that means piping hot water, and not water from a faucet. Our equipment heats water to temperatures of 212-230° (the boiling point) in order to properly disinfect your rugs. Furthermore, the vacuums in home carpet cleaners are designed to avoid blowing a circuit. That means that they are not very powerful. These machines are not capable of removing all of the dirt or bacteria embedded in carpet fibers, nor even all of the soap and water that they inject. Carpets will dry slower, and will end up with a sticky residue on the surface when you use these rental machines. Our truck-mounted system has a much stronger vacuum, which decreases dry time and leaves your carpets residue-free.
Do you have stubborn stains or spots of ground in dirt that can’t otherwise be removed? Hot water from a commercial strength carpet extractor can do a better job at breaking up that unwanted mess and removing it from your carpet. Heated systems are able to clean deeper layers and deliver impeccable results better than any ordinary carpet-cleaning machine. While there are both heated and non-heat models available, your choice on which machine you use will depend on your requirements for cleaning.
A carpet extractor is quite simply the number one choice if you want to achieve the deepest and most substantial clean possible of your carpet. Carpet extractors are relatively cheap to purchase or hire, and most commercial carpet flooring will only need a deep clean a few times a year. For surfaces which experience extreme traffic it is recommended you use an extractor every two or three months for best results, but the rewards will be evident after the first pass. With a suction power three times that of a typical industrial vacuum cleaner, you achieve both a clean look and a fresh smell to your carpet. Carpet extractors typically come fitted with a wide-mouthed attachment that enables you to clean deep down towards the base of the carpet, regardless of pile height, making them suitable for a range of different carpet surfaces.
As a general rule, professional carpet cleaning by a certified firm should take place about once per year. For heavy traffic areas, cleaning may be required more often. Many stain resistance warranties actually require regular professional cleanings. Specific warranties on your carpet purchase should be available from your carpet retailer.
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